Cooking lessons at your home

Learning to cook new meals can be challenging. With DishCub you can improve your cooking skills by learning from people in your area.  You can also be a cooking teacher, offer lessons and earn money.

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Schedule Lessons

All of the cooking lesssons are done in your home so you don't have to worry about traveling or being late. You can request a cooking lessson at any time. Book a lesson for today, tomorrow or any time you like.

Earn Money

Teaching others how to cook is also amazing. Get paid for each lesson you offer. You decide when you want to work

Eat Healthy

Using fresh ingredients and preparing them at home is one of the best ways to be healthy. Cooking at home has numerous benefits, including lower calorie, fat and sodium intake than a restaurant meal.


Meeting new people while learning to cook can be a great experience. Doesn’t matter if you are learning or teaching. Get to know people during the cooking lessons.

All in One Place

DishCub is the app I use to organize and attend all my  cooking lessons of the week!

Learning to cook new dishes can be complicated. With Dishcub it can become an adventure.

Cooking at home can help you become more confident, healthier, spend more time with family. You can also save money by cooking homemade dishes.

There are thousands of different dishes you can learn from hundreds of countries. Imagine learning to cook a new dish and then making them for your loved ones.

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Learn to cook quickly

Experience different cuisines

Meet new people

Get lessons in your home

Try new recipes




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